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Information Society Creatures Of Influence Album primary image cover photoCreatures Of Influence11 May 1985view icon
Information Society Information Society Album primary image cover photoInformation Society21 June 1988view icon
Information Society Hack Album primary image cover photoHack16 October 1990view icon
Information Society Peace And Love, Inc. Album primary image cover photoPeace And Love, Inc.6 November 1992view icon
Information Society Don't Be Afraid Album primary image cover photoDon't Be Afraid23 September 1997view icon
Information Society Insoc Recombinant Album primary image cover photoInsoc Recombinant6 April 1999view icon
Strange Haircuts, Cardboard Guitars, And Computer Samples - Information Society's Greatest Hits [selection/best of]2001view icon
Information Society Pure Energy - The Very Best Of Album primary image cover photoPure Energy - The Very Best Of [selection/best of]30 March 2004view icon
Information Society Synthesizer Album primary image cover photoSynthesizer9 October 2007view icon
Pure '80s Hits2008view icon
Information Society Apocryphon: Electro Roots 1982–1985 Album primary image cover photoApocryphon: Electro Roots 1982–198526 August 2008view icon
Information Society Energize! Classic Remixes, Vol. 1 Album primary image cover photoEnergize! Classic Remixes, Vol. 128 November 2011view icon
Information Society It Is Useless To Resist Us Album primary image cover photoIt Is Useless To Resist Us [live]18 August 2013view icon
Information Society Engage! Classic Remixes, Vol. 2 Album primary image cover photoEngage! Classic Remixes, Vol. 228 January 2014view icon
Information Society _hello world Album primary image cover photo_hello world23 September 2014view icon
Information Society Encode! Classic Remixes, Vol. 3 Album primary image cover photoEncode! Classic Remixes, Vol. 3 [selection/best of]1 March 2015view icon
Information Society Orders Of Magnitude Album primary image cover photoOrders Of Magnitude11 March 2016view icon
Information Society ODDfellows Album primary image cover photoODDfellows6 August 2021view icon


Information Society Insoc EP Single primary image cover photoInsoc EP13 September 1983view icon
Running1985view icon
Running (The Nest Remix)1986view icon
What's On Your Mind1988view icon
Walking Away1988view icon
Lay All Your Love On Me1989view icon
Think1989view icon
How Long1989view icon
Repetition1989view icon
Now That I Have You1991view icon
Peace And Love, Inc.1992view icon
Going Going Gone1993view icon
Information Society What's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Re-Recorded / Remastered) Single primary image cover photoWhat's On Your Mind (Pure Energy) (Re-Recorded / Remastered)4 August 1998view icon
What's On Your Mind {2001}2001view icon
Running (Remixes)2001view icon
Information Society Oscillator Single primary image cover photoOscillator16 March 2007view icon
Information Society Modulator Single primary image cover photoModulator20 October 2009view icon
_Hello Deejays2014view icon
Information Society _Land Of The Blind Single primary image cover photo_Land Of The Blind4 March 2014view icon
Information Society Running 2K14 (Remixes) Single primary image cover photoRunning 2K14 (Remixes)22 April 2014view icon
Information Society _Get Back Single primary image cover photo_Get Back29 October 2014view icon
Information Society Brothers! Sisters! Single primary image cover photoBrothers! Sisters!17 June 2016view icon
Information Society Nothing Prevails Single primary image cover photoNothing Prevails29 June 2018view icon
Information Society World Enough Single primary image cover photoWorld Enough11 January 2019view icon
Information Society Bennington Single primary image cover photoBennington17 May 2019view icon
Information Society Room 1904 Single primary image cover photoRoom 19046 December 2019view icon


Heroes (Demo)12 January 2016view icon


It Is Useless To Resist Us2009view icon

Music Videos

What's On Your Mind1988view icon
Nothing Prevails13 July 2018view icon
World Enough1 February 2019view icon
Bennington (Lyric Version)5 June 2019view icon
Room 190419 December 2019view icon

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