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Ladytron 604 Album primary image cover photo6046 February 2001view icon
Ladytron Light & Magic Album primary image cover photoLight & Magic2 December 2002view icon
Ladytron Witching Hour Album primary image cover photoWitching Hour3 October 2005view icon
Extended Play [selection/best of]2006view icon
Ladytron Velocifero Album primary image cover photoVelocifero2 June 2008view icon
Ladytron Live At London Astoria 16.07.08 Album primary image cover photoLive At London Astoria 16.07.08 [live]1 April 2009view icon
Best Of Remixes [selection/best of]8 March 2011view icon
Ladytron Best Of 00-10 Album primary image cover photoBest Of 00-10 [selection/best of]28 March 2011view icon
The Harmonium Sessions29 March 2011view icon
Ladytron Gravity The Seducer Album primary image cover photoGravity The Seducer13 September 2011view icon
Gravity The Seducer Remixed29 November 2013view icon
Ladytron Ladytron Album primary image cover photoLadytron15 February 2019view icon
Ladytron Remixed & Rare Album primary image cover photoRemixed & Rare28 January 2022view icon
Ladytron Time's Arrow Album primary image cover photoTime's Arrow20 January 2023view icon


He Took Her To A Movie1999view icon
Miss Black And Her Friends1999view icon
Commodore Rock2000view icon
Mu-Tron EP2000view icon
Playgirl2000view icon
The Way That I Found You26 February 2001view icon
Seventeen2002view icon
Blue Jeans10 March 2003view icon
EvilJuly 2003view icon
Sugar20 June 2005view icon
Ladytron Destroy Everything You Touch Single primary image cover photoDestroy Everything You Touch19 September 2005view icon
International DatelineNovember 2005view icon
WeekendMarch 2007view icon
Soft PowerAugust 2007view icon
Destroy Everything You Touch (Remix)October 2007view icon
Ladytron Ghosts Single primary image cover photoGhosts12 May 2008view icon
Ladytron Runaway Single primary image cover photoRunawaySeptember 2008view icon
Ladytron Tomorrow Single primary image cover photoTomorrow23 February 2009view icon
Ladytron Ace Of Hz Single primary image cover photoAce Of Hz14 March 2011view icon
White Elephant17 May 2011view icon
Ambulances21 June 2011view icon
Mirage9 August 2011view icon
Ladytron The Animals Single primary image cover photoThe Animals23 March 2018view icon
Ladytron The Island Single primary image cover photoThe Island17 August 2018view icon
Ladytron Far From Home - Night Versions Single primary image cover photoFar From Home - Night Versions30 August 2019view icon
Ladytron Deadzone (HQFU Remix) Single primary image cover photoDeadzone (HQFU Remix)1 May 2020view icon
Ladytron Paper Highways (Youryoungbody Mix) Single primary image cover photoPaper Highways (Youryoungbody Mix)4 December 2020view icon
Ladytron The Mountain (Blakkat Dub) Single primary image cover photoThe Mountain (Blakkat Dub)6 August 2021view icon
Ladytron Tower Of Glass Single primary image cover photoTower Of Glass14 January 2022view icon


Synchronisation Priorities [selection/best of]2003view icon


Ladytron Far From Home (Dave The Hustler Remix) Download primary image cover photoFar From Home (Dave The Hustler Remix)7 August 2019view icon


Best Of 00-10 Videos [selection/best of]May 2011view icon
Tower Of Glass (Short Film)4 February 2020view icon

Music Videos

The Animals5 April 2018view icon
The Island5 September 2018view icon
Deadzone16 September 2019view icon
Tower Of Glass4 February 2020view icon
Light&Magic22 August 2022view icon
True Mathematics7 September 2022view icon
City Of Angels26 October 2022view icon

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