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New Order Discography


New Order Movement Album primary image cover photoMovement13 November 1981view icon
New Order Power Corruption And Lies Album primary image cover photoPower Corruption And Lies2 May 1983view icon
New Order Low-Life Album primary image cover photoLow-Life13 May 1985view icon
New Order Brotherhood Album primary image cover photoBrotherhood29 September 1986view icon
New Order Substance Album primary image cover photoSubstance [selection/best of]17 August 1987view icon
New Order Technique Album primary image cover photoTechnique30 January 1989view icon
Peel Sessions I & IISeptember 1990view icon
New Order BBC Radio 1 Live In Concert Album primary image cover photoBBC Radio 1 Live In Concert [live]10 February 1992view icon
New Order Republic Album primary image cover photoRepublic3 May 1993view icon
The Best Of New Order [selection/best of]21 November 1994view icon
New Order The Rest Of New Order Album primary image cover photoThe Rest Of New Order [selection/best of]21 August 1995view icon
New Order Get Ready Album primary image cover photoGet Ready27 August 2001view icon
International29 October 2002view icon
The Peter Saville Show2003view icon
In Session (Radio 1)12 April 2004view icon
New Order Waiting For The Sirens' Call Album primary image cover photoWaiting For The Sirens' Call28 March 2005view icon
New Order Best Remixes Album primary image cover photoBest Remixes [selection/best of]21 June 2005view icon
New Order Singles Album primary image cover photoSingles [selection/best of]3 October 2005view icon
New Order iTunes Originals Album primary image cover photoiTunes Originals [selection/best of]24 September 2007view icon
New Order TOTAL From Joy Division To New Order Album primary image cover photoNew Order / Joy Division
TOTAL From Joy Division To New Order [selection/best of]
6 June 2011view icon
Live At The Troxy, London 10/12/2011 [live]January 2012view icon
New Order Lost Sirens Album primary image cover photoLost Sirens14 January 2013view icon
New Order Live At Bestival 2012 Album primary image cover photoLive At Bestival 2012 [live]8 July 2013view icon
New Order Music Complete Album primary image cover photoMusic Complete25 September 2015view icon
New Order Complete Music Album primary image cover photoComplete Music13 May 2016view icon
New Order NOMC15 (New Order Music Complete 15) Album primary image cover photoNOMC15 (New Order Music Complete 15) [live]26 May 2017view icon
New Order ∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes.. Album primary image cover photo∑(No,12k,Lg,17Mif) New Order + Liam Gillick: So it goes.. [live]12 July 2019view icon
New Order education entertainment recreation Album primary image cover photoeducation entertainment recreation [live]7 May 2021view icon

Box Sets

Retro9 December 2002view icon


New Order Ceremony Single primary image cover photoCeremony6 March 1981view icon
ProcessionSeptember 1981view icon
New Order Everything's Gone Green Single primary image cover photoEverything's Gone GreenDecember 1981view icon
New Order Temptation Single primary image cover photoTemptation10 May 1982view icon
New Order 1981-1982 Single primary image cover photo1981-1982November 1982view icon
We Will Rock YouDecember 1982view icon
New Order Blue Monday Single primary image cover photoBlue Monday7 March 1983view icon
New Order Confusion Single primary image cover photoConfusion22 August 1983view icon
New Order Thieves Like Us Single primary image cover photoThieves Like Us6 April 1984view icon
New Order Murder Single primary image cover photoMurderMay 1984view icon
The Perfect KissMay 1985view icon
Sub-culture28 October 1985view icon
Way Of Life1986view icon
Shellshock17 March 1986view icon
State Of The Nation15 September 1986view icon
Peel Sessions27 September 1986view icon
Bizarre Love Triangle3 November 1986view icon
True Faith20 July 1987view icon
Peel Sessions II5 December 1987view icon
Touched By The Hand Of God7 December 1987view icon
Blue Monday 88May 1988view icon
Fine Time28 November 1988view icon
Round & Round27 February 1989view icon
Run 228 August 1989view icon
World In Motion21 May 1990view icon
Ruined In A Day1993view icon
New Order Regret Single primary image cover photoRegret5 April 1993view icon
World (The Price Of Love)23 August 1993view icon
Spooky6 December 1993view icon
Let's Go1994view icon
True Faith 9431 October 1994view icon
19639 January 1995view icon
Blue Monday 9524 July 1995view icon
5-8-61997view icon
Extra Order2001view icon
World In Motion… {Re-release}July 2001view icon
Crystal13 August 2001view icon
60 Miles An Hour26 November 2001view icon
Someone Like You6 December 2001view icon
Here To Stay [soundtrack]15 April 2002view icon
Confusion (Remixes)October 2002view icon
New Order Krafty Single primary image cover photoKrafty7 March 2005view icon
New Order Jetstream Single primary image cover photoJetstream16 May 2005view icon
Waiting For The Sirens' Call26 September 2005view icon
New Order Guilt Is A Useless Emotion Single primary image cover photoGuilt Is A Useless Emotion29 November 2005view icon
Hellbent2011view icon
New Order | Joy Division (split release)
Ceremony (Demo)
16 April 2011view icon
New Order Restless Single primary image cover photoRestless29 July 2015view icon
New Order Tutti Frutti Single primary image cover photoTutti Frutti20 October 2015view icon
New Order Singularity Single primary image cover photoSingularity3 February 2016view icon
New Order People On The High Line Single primary image cover photoPeople On The High Line21 June 2016view icon
New Order Music Complete: Remix EP Single primary image cover photoMusic Complete: Remix EP7 April 2017view icon
New Order Academic / Mauerstadt Single primary image cover photoNew Order | Mark Reeder (split release)
Academic / Mauerstadt
May 2017view icon
New Order Be A Rebel Single primary image cover photoBe A Rebel8 September 2020view icon


Merry Xmas From The Haçienda And Factory RecordsDecember 1982view icon


2006 RemixesFebruary 2006view icon


In Order [selection/best of]1993view icon
A New Order Sampler [selection/best of]2001view icon
Monumental Mix [selection/best of]2001view icon
20 Years Of New Order [selection/best of]2001view icon
singles / selection [selection/best of]2016view icon


Taras Shevchenko [live]1983view icon
Pumped Full Of Drugs [live]1985view icon
Academy [live]1989view icon
Substance 1989 [selection/best of]1989view icon
Story [selection/best of]1993view icon
(The Best Of) New Order [selection/best of]1994view icon
3 16 (New York 81, Reading Festival 98 And In Conversation) [live]2001view icon
5 11 (Finsbury Park 9th June 02) [live]2002view icon
Live In Glasgow [live]2 June 2008view icon
ItemMay 2010view icon
Collection [selection/best of]May 2010view icon

Music Videos

Tutti Frutti23 January 2016view icon
Singularity22 February 2016view icon
People On The High Line26 September 2016view icon
People On The High Line (Claptone Remix)14 October 2016view icon
Ceremony (Live at CoManCHE Student Union, 1981) [live]28 January 2019view icon
Truth (Live at The Haçienda, 1983) [live]15 February 2019view icon
Procession (Live at Le Palace, Paris in 1982) [live]17 April 2019view icon
Blue Monday (Lyric Version)15 September 2020view icon
Thieves Like Us (Live at Alabamahalle, Munich, 1984) [live]30 September 2020view icon
Sub-culture (Live at Alexandra Palace 2018) [live]9 November 2020view icon
Be A Rebel2 December 2020view icon
Age Of Consent (2020 Remaster)29 December 2020view icon
Bizarre Love Triangle (Live at Alexandra Palace 2018) [live]26 March 2021view icon
The Perfect Kiss (Live at Alexandra Palace 2018) [live]16 April 2021view icon
Blue Monday (Live at Alexandra Palace 2018) [live]16 July 2021view icon
Everything's Gone Green (Lyric Version)29 April 2022view icon
Procession (Lyric Version)27 May 2022view icon
Regret (Live at Alexandra Palace 2018) [live]8 July 2022view icon
Atmosphere (Live at Alexandra Palace 2018) [live]22 July 2022view icon
Sub-culture (Lyric Version)28 October 2022view icon

Documentary Films

New Order: Decades22 September 2018view icon

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