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Severed Heads | Rhythmyx Chymx (split release)
Ear Bitten / No Vowels, No Bowels
1980view icon
Severed Heads Clean Album primary image cover photoClean1981view icon
Blubberknife1982view icon
Severed Heads Since The Accident Album primary image cover photoSince The Accident1983view icon
Severed Heads City Slab Horror Album primary image cover photoCity Slab Horror1985view icon
Clifford Darling, Please Don't Live In The Past1985view icon
Severed Heads Stretcher Album primary image cover photoStretcher [selection/best of]1985view icon
Severed Heads The Big Bigot Album primary image cover photoThe Big BigotJune 1986view icon
Bad Mood Guy1987view icon
Come Visit The Big BigotSeptember 1987view icon
Bulkhead [selection/best of]September 1988view icon
Severed Heads Rotund For Success Album primary image cover photoRotund For SuccessDecember 1989view icon
Cusine (With Piscatorial)1991view icon
Retread [selection/best of]1991view icon
Gigapus1994view icon
Haul Ass1998view icon
Music Server 21998view icon
Music Server 31999view icon
Music Server 12001view icon
Op 12002view icon
Music Server 42003view icon
The Illustrated Family Doctor Soundtrack2005view icon
Op 22005view icon
Op 2.52005view icon
Under Gail Succubus / Over Barbara Island2006view icon
Viva! Heads! [selection/best of]2007view icon
Op 32007view icon
Severed Heads Better Dead Than Head Album primary image cover photoBetter Dead Than Head18 September 2015view icon
Severed Heads Brave New Waves Session Album primary image cover photoBrave New Waves Session12 January 2018view icon
Severed Heads Aversion 2 Album primary image cover photoAversion 23 April 2018view icon
Severed Heads Living Museum Album primary image cover photoLiving Museum [live]11 September 2019view icon
Severed Heads Clifford 2000 Album primary image cover photoClifford 2000 [selection/best of]8 December 2020view icon
Severed Heads Severed Surround System Album primary image cover photoSevered Surround System14 January 2023view icon


Severed Heads Dead Eyes Opened Single primary image cover photoDead Eyes OpenedMarch 1984view icon
Goodbye Tonsils4 February 1985view icon
HaloSeptember 1985view icon
Petrol1986view icon
Propellor TwoJuly 1986view icon
20 Deadly DiseasesSeptember 1987view icon
Hot With FleasOctober 1987view icon
Greater RewardAugust 1988view icon
All Saints Day1989view icon
Big Car1990view icon
Twister1992view icon
Heart Of The Party1995view icon
Severed Heads Big Saints Reward (1988-1990 Dubs) Single primary image cover photoBig Saints Reward (1988-1990 Dubs)18 May 2015view icon
Severed Heads Beautiful Arabic Surface / Cheerio Inner Moon Single primary image cover photoBeautiful Arabic Surface / Cheerio Inner Moon20 June 2016view icon
Severed Heads Donut Single primary image cover photoDonut31 July 2017view icon


Severed Heads Donut Download primary image cover photoDonut3 June 2017view icon


Goodbye Tonsils1987view icon
If I've Told You Once, I've Told You A Thousand Times1987view icon
Overhead1990view icon

Music Videos

Hot With Fleasixty (VR Remake)5 July 2016view icon
A Million Angels 20164 September 2016view icon
We Have Come To Bless The House (2017 USA Tour Version)7 September 2017view icon
Dead Eyes Opened (2019 Tour Version)16 May 2019view icon

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