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Catalogue IDArtistTitleLabelDateTypeView
DVN 001CrowforceCrowforceDevotionJun 1992Albumview icon
DVN 002PigfaceGubDevotion1992Albumview icon
DVN 003PigfaceWelcome To Mexico… Asshole (Live)Devotion1992Albumview icon
DVN 004Revolting CocksBeers, Steers And QueersDevotionFeb 1992Albumview icon
DVN 0051000 Homo DJsSupernautDevotionMar 1992Albumview icon
DVN 006Revolting CocksBig SexylandDevotionMar 1992Albumview icon
DVN 007Lead Into GoldAge Of ReasonDevotion1992Albumview icon
DVN 008Revolting CocksLive! You Goddamned Son Of A BitchDevotionApr 1992Albumview icon
DVN 009Murder Inc.Murder Inc.DevotionJul 1992Albumview icon
DVN 010Bomb EverythingThe All Powerful FluidDevotion1992Album
DVN 011MalhavocThe ReleaseDevotion1992Album
DVN 012Excessive ForceConquer Your WorldDevotionJul 1992Albumview icon
DVN 013Chris ConnellyPhenobarb BambalamDevotionAug 1992Albumview icon
DVN 014Chris ConnellyWhiplash BoychildDevotion1992Albumview icon
DVN 015SkrewBurning In Water, Burning In FlameDevotion1992Album
DVN 016HyperheadMetaphasiaDevotion1992Album
DVN 017Various ArtistsPure DevotionDevotionOct 1992Albumview icon
DVN 018PigfaceFookDevotionSep 1992Albumview icon
DVN 019MalhavocPremeditated MurderDevotion1992Album
DVN 020Chem LabDeep ThroatDevotion1993Album
DVN 021Chem LabBurn Out At The Hydrogen BarDevotion1993Albumview icon
DVN 022Revolting CocksLinger Fick'en Good And Other Barnyard OdditiesDevotionSep 1993Albumview icon
DVN 023Schnitt AchtSlash And BurnDevotionSep 1993Album
DVN 024SugarsmackToploaderDevotion1993Album
DVN 025PigfaceTruth Will OutDevotionOct 1993Albumview icon
DVN 026Evil MothersCrossdresserDevotion1993Album
DVN 027Lab ReportFigure X-71Devotion1993Album
DVN 028SkrewDustedDevotion1994Album
DVN 029PigfaceNotes From Thee UndergroundDevotionMay 1994Albumview icon
DVN 030Evil MothersPitchforks & PervertsDevotion1994Album
DVN 031Lab ReportUnhealthyDevotion1994Album
DVN 032Various ArtistsTotal DevotionDevotion1994Albumview icon
DVN 101CrowforceDon't Look DownDevotionDec 1991Singleview icon
DVN 102Bomb EverythingFountainheadDevotion1992Single
DVN 103Acid HorseNo Name, No SloganDevotionFeb 1992Singleview icon
DVN 104P.T.P.Rubber Glove SeductionDevotion1992Singleview icon
DVN 105Revolting CocksBeers, Steers And QueersDevotionFeb 1992Singleview icon
DVN 106Murder Inc.CorpuscleDevotionJun 1992Single
DVN 107Excessive ForceConquer Your HouseDevotionJun 1992Singleview icon
DVN 108Chris ConnellyCome Down HereDevotionAug 1992Single
DVN 109HyperheadTeenage MindDevotionOct 1992Single
DVN 110HyperheadTerminal FearDevotion1993Single
DVN 111Revolting CocksDa Ya Think I'm SexyDevotionSep 1993Singleview icon
DVN 112Revolting CocksCrackin’ UpDevotionJun 1994Singleview icon
DVN 113PigfaceFuck It UpDevotionJun 1994Singleview icon
DVN 114Tangled FeetMessiahDevotion1994Single
DVN 115Tangled FeetSea Of Lethargy EPDevotion1995Single
DVND 101Black Girl RockThemeDevotion Dance1993Single
DVND 102Cold SensationBang To The RhythmDevotion Dance1993Single

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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