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ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Deutsche WertarbeitDeutsche WertarbeitAlbumMR 00118 Aug 2012
Alexander RobotnickCe N’est Qu’un DébutAlbumMR 00222 Aug 2012
ChrismaChinese RestaurantAlbumMR 0031 Nov 2010
ChrismaHibernationAlbumMR 0041 Nov 2010
Der PlanGeri ReigAlbumMR 0051 Mar 2011
Der PlanNormalette SurpriseAlbumMR 0061 Mar 2011
Guyer's ConnectionGuyer’s ConnectionAlbumMR 007Jul 2011
OGIOGIAlbumMR 008Jul 2011
Lou Champagne SystemNo Visible MeansAlbumMR 0099 Sep 2011
Dalek ICompass Kum’pasAlbumMR 0101 Dec 2011
AxxessNovels For The MoonsAlbumMR 01115 Mar 2012
Gay Cat ParkSynthetic WomanAlbumMR 01225 Jun 2012
Drinking ElectricityOverload + SinglesAlbumMR 0139 Aug 2012
Christof GlowallaErde 80SingleMR 0145 Oct 2012
Disco VolanteNo MotionSingleMR 0155 Oct 2012
Tony CareyExplorer And Yellow PowerAlbumMR 016
Gina X PerformanceNice MoverrAlbumMR 01728 Feb 2013
Mathematiques ModernsLes Visiteurs Du SoirAlbumMR 01828 Feb 2013
Near ParisNear ParisAlbumMR 01930 May 2013
Signori Della GalassiaIcemanAlbumMR 02030 May 2013
SeefeelQuiqueAlbumMR 02127 Aug 2013
Die GesundenDie GesundenAlbumMR 02218 Jul 2013
Body 11YouthAlbumMR 02318 Jul 2013
Laugh Clown LaughLaugh Clown LaughAlbumMR 02413 Sep 2013
PlayRed MoviesAlbumMR 02513 Sep 2013
Paul NelsonVortexAlbumMR 02614 Nov 2013
Illustration SonoreUndisciplined Strips Of EmotionsAlbumMR 02714 Nov 2013
Various ArtistsElectroconvulsive Therapy Vol 1AlbumMR 02814 Nov 2013view icon
ALOAALOAAlbumMR 0291 Feb 2014
((PRESSURES))SplitSingleMR 03025 Sep 2014
RoladexAnthems for the Micro-AgeAlbumMR 0311 Feb 2014
Alexander RobotnickVintage RobotnicksAlbumMR 03219 Apr 2014
Various ArtistsFuzz Dance - Electroconvulsive Therapy Vol 2AlbumMR 03319 Apr 2014view icon
Severed HeadsCity Slab HorrorAlbumMR 03412 Jun 2014view icon
Severed HeadsSince The AccidentAlbumMR 03512 Jun 2014
Kline Coma XeroKline Coma XeroAlbumMR 03612 Jun 2014
Rollerskate SkinnyShoulder VoicesAlbumMR 03725 Sep 2014
IKO83AlbumMR 03825 Sep 2014
Null & VoidHappiness And Contempt / MontageAlbumMR 03925 Sep 2014
Bal ParéEarly RecordingsAlbumMR 04025 Dec 2014view icon
Mixed FeelingsRemnantsAlbumMR 04125 Dec 2014
Le ClichéConsumer BehaviorAlbumMR 04225 Dec 2014
Tse-TseLand In SichtAlbumMR 04312 Feb 2015
LaikaSilver Apples Of The MoonAlbumMR 04412 Feb 2015
Post Industrial NoiseThe Official AnthologyAlbumMR 04512 Feb 2015
U/V LightCenotaphAlbumMR 0465 Jun 2015
Peine PerdueDisparitionAlbumMR 04720 Mar 2015
Kitty(1)KittyAlbumMR 04820 Mar 2015
Various ArtistsElectroconvulsive Therapy Vol 3AlbumMR 04918 Apr 2015view icon
Various ArtistsSynesthesia - The First Five YearsAlbumMR 0505 Jun 2015view icon
PramThe Stars Are So Big…AlbumMR 0514 Mar 2016
PramHeliumAlbumMR 0524 Mar 2016
Geneva JacuzziTechnopheliaAlbumMR 0535 Feb 2016
Red FetishA Derangement Of SynapsesAlbumMR 054Oct 2015
Zeus B. HeldThe Vinyl CollectionAlbumMR 055Oct 2015
Cloudland CanyonAn ArabesqueAlbumMR 05619 Feb 2016
Locust(1)Morning LightAlbumMR 057Apr 2016
TBCBeaches And CanyonsAlbumMR 058Apr 2016
Effetto JouleMechanic SoldierAlbumMR 059Jun 2016view icon
Severed HeadsStretcher (USA Stretched Version)AlbumMR 060Jun 2016view icon
Steaming CoilsSteaming CoilsAlbumMR 0612 Sep 2016
Bernard FèvreOrbit Ceremony 77AlbumMR 0622 Sep 2016view icon
MonopolWeltweitAlbumMR 06327 Jan 2017view icon
Video LisztEktakröm KillerAlbumMR 06425 Nov 2016view icon
Mark Van HoenThe Last Flowers From The DarknessAlbumMR 06525 Nov 2016view icon
Martial CanterelNavigations Vol IIAlbumMR 06627 Jan 2017
Martial CanterelNavigations Vol IIIAlbumMR 06727 Jan 2017
Martial CanterelNavigations Vols I-IIIAlbumMR 06827 Jan 2017
Circa TapesLove And VenomAlbumMR 06917 Jul 2017view icon
Ironing MusicIroning MusicAlbumMR 07022 Apr 2017view icon
AutocreationMettleAlbumMR 07122 Apr 2017
MarkerMarkerAlbumMR 07217 Jul 2017view icon
Negative Response(1)Oblique AnglesAlbumMR 07317 Jul 2017view icon
SovietWe Are Eyes, We Are BuildersAlbumMR 07429 Sep 2017view icon
Dream ControlZeitgeberAlbumMR 07529 Sep 2017view icon
Lab PersonnelRecreationAlbumMR 07623 Feb 2018view icon
Various ArtistsElectroconvulsive Therapy Volume 4: The Art of Survival RecordsAlbumMR 07721 Apr 2018view icon
Richard BoneBrave TalesAlbumMR 07821 Apr 2018view icon
SpectrumHighs, Lows And Heavenly BlowsAlbumMR 07921 Apr 2018view icon
Froe CharMortalitySingleMR 08021 Apr 2018view icon
Mark Van HoenPlaying With TimeAlbumMR 08120 Jul 2018view icon
Gavin GuthrieThe TotalityAlbumMR 08220 Jul 2018view icon
LuminanceAheadAlbumMR 08323 Sep 2019view icon
YobkissThe Remains Of A Gone OptimismAlbumMR 08429 Sep 2019view icon
Jake SchrockOmnibusAlbumMR 08510 Apr 2020view icon
Alessandro ParisiAscensione ProgressivaAlbumMR 08610 Apr 2020view icon
Severed HeadsClifford 2000AlbumMR 0878 Dec 2020view icon
Alexander Robotnick & Ludus PinskyThe Analog SessionSingleMRT 0016 Mar 2016
DerivativesForwards, Futures, And OptionsSingleMRT 0026 Mar 2016
Certain CreaturesPleasure PrincipleSingleMRT 0032 Sep 2016
L/F/D/Mtele-SingleMRT 00422 Apr 2017view icon
ArchivistChutes And LaddersSingleMRT 00516 Jun 2017
Martin JenkinsDance Cave EPSingleMRT 0069 Jun 2017
IVVY(1)Safe WithinSingleMRT 00729 Sep 2017view icon
ÉmantonPost Tenebras LuxSingleMRT 00823 Feb 2018view icon
CelldödKall FusionSingleMRT 00923 Feb 2018view icon
PhaedrusGame Of TonesSingleMRT 01024 Aug 2018
GuiltGuiltSingleMRT 01124 Aug 2018
CITIZEN:KANEMutant WavesSingleMRT 0121 Feb 2019view icon
Gavin GuthriePopcornSingleMRT 0131 Feb 2019view icon
Locust(2)REDSingleMRT 0141 Feb 2019view icon
Locust(2)GREENSingleMRT 01517 May 2019view icon
DerivativesUnlimited RiskSingleMRT 01617 May 2019view icon

Please note: Catalogue IDs are not necessarily identical to product catalogue numbers. They are used to sort the catalography effectively. Actual catalogue numbers can be found on individual product pages.


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