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ArtistTitleTypeCatalogue IDDateView
Various Artists…And the Wolf Shall Lick The Jewels From Your BellyAlbumCSR 0011990view icon
Various ArtistsFeelerAlbumCSR 002view icon
Crash WorshipAsesinosAlbumCSR 0031993view icon
Various ArtistsShrineAlbumCSR 0041993view icon
Various ArtistsCold SpringAlbumCSR 0051994view icon
MerzbowElectroknots Parts 1 & 2SingleCSR 0061994view icon
Thee Angels Ov Light Meet Thee Angry Love OrchestraPsychick Youth RallyAlbumCSR 0071995view icon
Marble SheepShinjuku ThiefAlbumCSR 0081995view icon
Merzbow / John WatermannBrisbane Tokyo InterlaceAlbumCSR 0091996view icon
Psychic TVThose Who Do NotAlbumCSR 0101997view icon
Jarboe & Ignis FatuusCache Toi / EncomiumSingleCSR 0111996view icon
Various ArtistsSeedmouthAlbumCSR 0121996view icon
InadeAldebaranAlbumCSR 0131996view icon
Ignis FatuusThe Futility GoddessAlbumCSR 0141997view icon
C.C.C.C.FlashAlbumCSR 0151996view icon
Archon SataniThe Righteous Way To CompletionAlbumCSR 0161997view icon
MasonnaSpectrum RipperAlbumCSR 017Mar 1998view icon
Sutcliffe JugendWe Spit On Their GravesAlbumCSR 0181997view icon
Archon SataniThe Final CompletionSingleCSR 0191997view icon
Psychic TVThemes 2: A Prayer For Derek JarmanAlbumCSR 020Mar 1998view icon
Turbund SturmwerkTurbund SturmwerkAlbumCSR 0211998view icon
Melek-ThaDe Magia Naturali DaemoniacaAlbumCSR 0221999view icon
Merzbow / Genesis P-OrridgeA Perfect PainAlbumCSR 023Oct 1998view icon
KerovnianFar Beyond, Before The TimeAlbumCSR 024Mar 1999view icon
Schloss TegalBlack Static TransmissionAlbumCSR 025Jul 1999view icon
RemanenceApparitionsAlbumCSR 0261999view icon
Psychic TVWere You Ever Bullied At SchoolAlbumCSR 027Dec 1999view icon
NovatronNew Rising SunAlbumCSR 0281999view icon
FolkstormSwedenAlbumCSR 0292004view icon
Genesis P. Orridge / Z'EvDirection Ov TravelAlbumCSR 0302002view icon
FolkstormVictory Or DeathAlbumCSR 0312000view icon
Von ThronstahlImperium InternumAlbumCSR 0322000view icon
Band Of PainSacred FleshAlbumCSR 0332000view icon
Sleep Research FacilityNostromoAlbumCSR 0342001view icon
KerovnianFrom The Depths Of HaronAlbumCSR 0352001view icon
Karjalan SissitKarjalan SissitAlbumCSR 0362001view icon
Von ThronstahlE Pluribus UnumAlbumCSR 0372001view icon
LaibachNeu KonservatiwAlbumCSR 0382003view icon
ToroidhEurope Is DeadAlbumCSR 0392002view icon
Various ArtistsChamberAlbumCSR 0402003view icon
StreicherWar Without EndAlbumCSR 0412002view icon
Grey WolvesBlood And SandAlbumCSR 0422002view icon
Band Of Pain¿Que Amiga?AlbumCSR 0432003view icon
FolkstormVictory Or DeathMemorabiliaCSR 0442001
Schloss TegalNeoterrik Research: The Hidden History Of Schloss TegalAlbumCSR 045Apr 2004view icon
A Challenge Of HonourWilhelm GustloffAlbumCSR 0462003view icon
Clear Stream TempleXVIAlbumCSR 047Sep 2003view icon
LaibachNeu KonservatiwMemorabiliaCSR 0482003
WerkraumUnsere Feuer brennen! AlbumCSR 049Apr 2004view icon
Various ArtistsSteel NightAlbumCSR 050Aug 2003view icon
NecropolisNecrosphereAlbumCSR 0512006view icon
John WatermannCalcutta Gas ChamberAlbumCSR 0522006view icon
Deadwood8 19AlbumCSR 053Jun 2005view icon
Kriegsfall-UKriegsfall-UAlbumCSR 054Jun 2005view icon
Merzbow vs NordvargrPartikelAlbumCSR 0552004view icon
H.E.R.R.The Winter Of ConstantinopleAlbumCSR 0562005view icon
H.E.R.R.Vondel’s LuciferMemorabiliaCSR 0572006
Kreuzweg OstEdelrostAlbumCSR 0582005view icon
Official T-ShirtMemorabiliaCSR 0592005
Various ArtistsSwarmAlbumCSR 0602006view icon
SistrenatusDivision OneAlbumCSR 061Jan 2007view icon
Shinjuku ThiefThe ScribblerAlbumCSR 062Apr 2007view icon
Archon SataniMind Of Flesh & BonesAlbumCSR 0632006view icon
Various ArtistsInstruo Vestri Pro PugnaSingleCSR 0642005view icon
GoatvargrGoatvargrAlbumCSR 0652006view icon
TollChrist KnowsAlbumCSR 0662006view icon
Rose Rovine E AmantiRituale RomanumAlbumCSR 0672006view icon
BleiburgPieces Of A Broken DreamAlbumCSR 0682006view icon
H.E.R.R.Vondel’s Lucifer - First MovementAlbumCSR 0692006view icon
GoatvargrGoatvargrMemorabiliaCSR 0702006
InannaDay Ov TormentAlbumCSR 071Apr 2007view icon
Sleep Research FacilityDeep FriezeAlbumCSR 072Apr 2007view icon
Merzbow vs NordvargrPartikel IIAlbumCSR 0732007view icon
H.E.R.R.Fire And Glass: A Norwood TragedySingleCSR 074Sep 2007view icon
Sol Invictus / Rose Rovine E Amanti / Andrew KingA Mythological Prospect Of The Citie Of LondiniumAlbumCSR 075Dec 2006view icon
Cold Spring Calendar 2007MemorabiliaCSR 076Jan 2007
TenHornedBeastThe Sacred TruthAlbumCSR 077Jul 2007view icon
Zeni GevaMaximum Money MonsterAlbumCSR 078Dec 2007view icon
C.C.C.C.Chaos Is The CosmosAlbumCSR 079Oct 2007view icon
South Saturn DeltaExperience The ConcretenessAlbumCSR 080Oct 2007view icon
Merzbow vs NordvargrPartikelMemorabiliaCSR 081Mar 2007
Von ThronstahlSacrificareAlbumCSR 082Jul 2007view icon
Sutcliffe Jugend | SatoriJapan Tour 2007AlbumCSR 083May 2007view icon
Various ArtistsJohn Barleycorn RebornAlbumCSR 084Sep 2007view icon
PrurientThe Black Post SocietyAlbumCSR 0852008view icon
SeelenlichtGods & DevilsAlbumCSR 086Mar 2008view icon
NordvargrSwedish Hell Since 1971MemorabiliaCSR 0872007
TenHornedBeastTenHornedBeastMemorabiliaCSR 0882007
SagittariusSongs From The Ivory TowerAlbumCSR 089May 2008view icon
SkitlivAmfetaminAlbumCSR 090Mar 2008view icon
Von ThronstahlSacrificareMemorabiliaCSR 0912008
Sutcliffe JugendPigdaddyAlbumCSR 092Apr 2008view icon
Sutcliffe JugendBeyond PerverseMemorabiliaCSR 093Apr 2008
Cold Spring Calendar 2008MemorabiliaCSR 094Jan 2008
SatoriaKanashibariAlbumCSR 095Nov 2008view icon
The Triple TreeGhostsAlbumCSR 096Sep 2008view icon
Alex TiuniaevI Knew HerAlbumCSR 097Jun 2008view icon
NordvargrPyrrhulaAlbumCSR 098Jun 2008view icon
Anni HoganKickabyeAlbumCSR 099Apr 2009view icon
Various ArtistsWe Bring You A King With A Head Of GoldAlbumCSR 100Nov 2010view icon
Z'EVSum ThingsAlbumCSR 101May 2009view icon
Merzbow / Sutcliffe Jugend / SatoriSplitAlbumCSR 102Apr 2008view icon
SeelenlichtBoth God And Devil At The Same TimeMemorabiliaCSR 103May 2008
DeadwoodRamblackAlbumCSR 104Sep 2008view icon
Boyd Rice / Z'EvUntitledSingleCSR 105Sep 2008view icon
TenHornedBeastMy Horns Are A Flame To Draw Down The TruthAlbumCSR 106Feb 2009view icon
MerzbowAniccaAlbumCSR 107Sep 2008view icon
SistrenatusSensitive DisturbanceAlbumCSR 108Feb 2009view icon
Bleeding Heart NarrativeAll That Was Missing We Never Had In The WorldAlbumCSR 109Feb 2009view icon
NDEKrieg Blut Ehre AscheAlbumCSR 110Oct 2009view icon
Nadja / Atavist / SatoriInfernal Procession… And Then Everything DiesAlbumCSR 111Nov 2008view icon
Rose Rovine E AmantiDemianAlbumCSR 1122009view icon
SatoriaContemptus MundiAlbumCSR 113Nov 2008view icon
SplinterskinWayward SoulsAlbumCSR 114Aug 2009view icon
Skitliv | Current 93BloodlettingSingleCSR 115Mar 2010view icon
Iron Fist Of The SunBehavioural DeclineAlbumCSR 116Oct 2009view icon
H.E.R.R.XII CaesarsAlbumCSR 117Aug 2009view icon
Von ThronstahlConscriptvmAlbumCSR 118May 2010view icon
Nordvargr2009MemorabiliaCSR 1192009
Fire In The HeadConfessions Of A NarcissistAlbumCSR 120May 2010view icon
CagesFolding SpaceAlbumCSR 121Oct 2009view icon
All Hail The Transcending GhostAll Hail The Transcending GhostAlbumCSR 122Aug 2009view icon
Psychic TVThemesBox SetCSR 123Mar 2011view icon
SehnsuchtWüsteAlbumCSR 124Mar 2010view icon
Wicked King WickerGod Is Busy… Save YourselfAlbumCSR 125Oct 2009view icon
GoatvargrBlack Snow EpochAlbumCSR 126Jul 2010view icon
Emme YaAtavistic Dreams & Phallic TotemsAlbumCSR 127Jun 2011view icon
MachinefabriekDaasAlbumCSR 128Apr 2010view icon
MerzbowGraftAlbumCSR 129Mar 2010view icon
TenHornedBeastHunts & WarsAlbumCSR 130May 2010view icon
HeldentodThe Ghost MachineAlbumCSR 131Jan 2012view icon
Anni HoganMountainAlbumCSR 132Jun 2011view icon
Merzbow & Z'EvSpiral Right / Spiral LeftAlbumCSR 133Oct 2010view icon
MerzbowMerzbowMemorabiliaCSR 1342010
Steven SeverinBlood Of A Poet (Le Sang D’Un Poète)AlbumCSR 135Oct 2010view icon
Mz. 412In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi ExcelsiAlbumCSR 136Oct 2010view icon
GoatvargrBlack Snow EpochMemorabiliaCSR 1372010
MachinefabriekVloedAlbumCSR 138Nov 2010view icon
Lull & Beta Cloud & Andrew LilesCircadian Rhythm Disturbance ReconfiguredAlbumCSR 139Jan 2012view icon
Mz. 412Burning The Temple Of GodAlbumCSR 140Nov 2010view icon
Kreuzweg OstGott Mit UnsAlbumCSR 141Jan 2012view icon
Mz. 412VaultBox SetCSR 142Feb 2011view icon
Sutcliffe JugendWith Extreme PrejudiceAlbumCSR 143Dec 2011view icon
Mz. 412Infernal AffairsAlbumCSR 144Feb 2011view icon
Mz. 412Domine Rex InferumAlbumCSR 145Feb 2011view icon
Mz. 412Nordik Battle SignsAlbumCSR 146Feb 2011view icon
Mz. 412MZ. 412MemorabiliaCSR 1472011
Iron Fist Of The SunBehavioural DeclineMemorabiliaCSR 1482011
Sleep Research FacilitySleep Research FacilityMemorabiliaCSR 1492011
Various ArtistsJohn Barleycorn Reborn: RebirthAlbumCSR 150Nov 2011view icon
SkullflowerFucked On A Pile Of CorpsesAlbumCSR 151Jun 2011view icon
SagittariusThe Kingdom ComeAlbumCSR 152Apr 2012view icon
Burial Hex | Iron Fist Of The SunActaeon / Grown Under English IceAlbumCSR 153Sep 2011view icon
Wicked King WickerEvolvingAlbumCSR 154Aug 2013view icon
SkullflowerFucked On A Pile Of CorpsesMemorabiliaCSR 155Jun 2011
MachinefabriekVeldwerkAlbumCSR 156Nov 2011view icon
Hirsute PursuitBoyd Keeps SwingingSingleCSR 157Sep 2012view icon
Hirsute PursuitTighten That Muscle RingAlbumCSR 158Jul 2012view icon
Sleep Research FacilityStealthAlbumCSR 159Apr 2012view icon
Psychic TVOv PowerAlbumCSR 160Feb 2012view icon
Psychic TVParamarthaAlbumCSR 161Feb 2012view icon
Psychic TVBatschkappAlbumCSR 162Feb 2012view icon
DeadwoodSheolicAlbumCSR 163Feb 2014view icon
NDEKampfbereitAlbumCSR 164Jul 2012view icon
Skullflower | MasterySkullflower / MasteryAlbumCSR 165Aug 2013view icon
Burial HexBook Of DelusionsAlbumCSR 166Apr 2012view icon
AxMetal ForestAlbumCSR 167Nov 2012view icon
Burial HexBook Of DelusionsMemorabiliaCSR 168Apr 2012
Sleep Research FacilityStealthMemorabiliaCSR 169Apr 2012
Steven SeverinVampyrAlbumCSR 170Jul 2012view icon
Edward Ka-SpelTanith And The Lion TreeAlbumCSR 171Nov 2012view icon
Mz. 412HekatombAlbumCSR 1722015view icon
Psychic TVLive At Thee RitzAlbumCSR 173Nov 2012view icon
Schloss TegalOranur III 'The Third And Final Report' AlbumCSR 174Dec 2012view icon
Emme YaChthonic Transmission (Abysmi Vel Daath)AlbumCSR 175Mar 2013view icon
Rmedl / K11Chthonian MusicAlbumCSR 176Dec 2012view icon
Hirsute PursuitBoyd Keeps SwingingMemorabiliaCSR 177Sep 2012
Various ArtistsHail Be You Sovereigns, Lief And DearAlbumCSR 178Dec 2012view icon
Iron Fist Of The SunWho Will Help Me Wash My Right HandAlbumCSR 179Mar 2013view icon
Merzbow vs NordvargrPartikel IIIAlbumCSR 180May 2013view icon
Various ArtistsThroneAlbumCSR 181May 2013view icon
Z'EVA Handful Of ElementsAlbumCSR 1822013view icon
TroumSyzygieAlbumCSR 183Sep 2013view icon
Tunnels Of ĀhLost CorridorsAlbumCSR 1842013view icon
Scott Miller / Lee Camfield / MerzbowNo ClosureAlbumCSR 185Sep 2013view icon
SOLWhere Suns Come To DieAlbumCSR 1862 Mar 2015view icon
Psychic TVHaçiendaAlbumCSR 187Dec 2013view icon
Psychic TVThee Fabulous Feast Ov Flowering LightAlbumCSR 188Dec 2013view icon
Psychic TVLive At Thee MarqueeAlbumCSR 189Dec 2013view icon
SkullflowerDraconisAlbumCSR 19026 Sep 2014
MesektetTowards A Bleak SunAlbumCSR 191Feb 2014view icon
Coil(1)RecoiledAlbumCSR 193Feb 2014view icon
Various ArtistsSound Of ProgressVideoCSR 194
Shift(2)Altamont RisingAlbumCSR 195Apr 2014view icon
Z'EVEleven Mirrors To The LightAlbumCSR 1967 Jan 2016
Burial HexIn Psychic DefenseAlbumCSR 197Apr 2014view icon
TxrxpPerfection & PermanenceAlbumCSR 198Jun 2014view icon
Sutekh HexenBecomeAlbumCSR 1992014
MerzbowNezumimochiAlbumCSR 2002014
Various ArtistsTreatment Of The Dead - A Cold Spring SamplerAlbumCSR 2012014
KhostCopper Lock HellAlbumCSR 20226 Sep 2014
Coil(1)BackwardsAlbumCSR 2039 Oct 2015view icon
Iron Fist Of The SunWe Can Yield Our Own FootstepsAlbumCSR 204May 2015view icon
TrepaneringsritualenVeil The WorldAlbumCSR 2058 Jan 2015
Tunnels Of ĀhThus AviciAlbumCSR 2062015view icon
Various ArtistsPyre - A Cold Spring SamplerAlbumCSR 20729 Sep 2016
Sutcliffe JugendOffalAlbumCSR 2099 May 2016view icon
MolochDie IsolationAlbumCSR 21011 May 2015
KhostCorrosive ShroudAlbumCSR 211Jun 2015view icon
She Spread SorrowRumspringaAlbumCSR 2127 Aug 2015view icon
TroumAcouasmeAlbumCSR 2137 Jan 2016
ColosslothOutstretch Your Hand For The Impress Of TruthAlbumCSR 2147 Jan 2016
KhostNeedles Into The Ground (Deconstructed And Reconstructed by Godflesh)AlbumCSR 21513 Jun 2016view icon
Nordvargr / Margaux RenaudinAnima NostraAlbumCSR 21629 Feb 2016
Dave Ball • Jon SavagePhotosynthesisAlbumCSR 2172 Sep 2016view icon
MerzbowLife PerformanceAlbumCSR 2187 Mar 2016view icon
Common Eider, King EiderExtinctionAlbumCSR 21911 Apr 2016
Andrew Chalk, Ralf Wehowsky & Eric LanzillottaYang-TulAlbumCSR 22011 Apr 2016
Shibalba(2) | PhurpaTeachings Of Eastern TraditionsAlbumCSR 2219 May 2016
TrepaneringsritualenDeathwards, To The WombAlbumCSR 222
Penny RimbaudYes Sir, The Truth Of ЯevolutionAlbumCSR 2234 Jul 2016
La BreicheLa Nal Des AndentsAlbumCSR 2246 Feb 2017view icon
SkullflowerThe Spirals Of Great HarmAlbumCSR 2256 Feb 2017view icon
Tunnels Of ĀhSurgical FiresAlbumCSR 22631 Oct 2016view icon
TenHornedBeastDeath Has No CompanionAlbumCSR 2273 Apr 2017view icon
Sun Ra | MerzbowStrange CityAlbumCSR 22821 Oct 2016view icon
ZOS KIATransparentAlbumCSR 23011 Nov 2016view icon
She Spread SorrowMineAlbumCSR 23124 Apr 2017view icon
Burial HexThroneAlbumCSR 23231 Oct 2016view icon
MerzbowBalázs Pándi 'Live At FAC251'AlbumCSR 23321 Nov 2016view icon
NYTT LANDFimbulvinterAlbumCSR 2346 Feb 2017
JotunsporGleipnirs SmederAlbumCSR 23510 Dec 2017
Shift(2)AbandonAlbumCSR 23622 May 2017
KhostGovernanceAlbumCSR 2375 Jun 2017view icon
Krzysztof PendereckiKosmogoniaAlbumCSR 23817 Jul 2017
Penny RimbaudKernschmelze IIAlbumCSR 2397 Aug 2017
CorruptedFelicific AlgorithimSingleCSR 24016 Feb 2018
Pan SonicThe Hymn Of The 7th IllusionSingleCSR 2419 Oct 2017view icon
Various ArtistsVisions Of Darkness (In Iranian Contemporary Music)AlbumCSR 24225 Sep 2017
Common Eider, King EiderShrines For The Unwanted, Respite For The Cast AsideAlbumCSR 24325 Sep 2017
JotunsporGleipnirs SmederAlbumCSR 244
Mayuko HinoLunisolarAlbumCSR 24523 Apr 2018
Psychic TVKondole / Dead CatAlbumCSR 24623 Jan 2018view icon
NDEUnited (Through Iron & Blood)AlbumCSR 24712 Mar 2018view icon
Mz. 412Ulvens BroderSingleCSR 2481 Jun 2018view icon
NYTT LANDOðalAlbumCSR 24926 Mar 2018
Various ArtistsEarthen - A Cold Spring SamplerAlbumCSR 2505 Nov 2018view icon
She Spread SorrowMidoriAlbumCSR 25112 Mar 2018view icon
Mayuko HinoPhenomenonSingleCSR 2522018
SonologystSilencers - The Conspiracy Theory DossierAlbumCSR 25323 Apr 2018
Left Hand Right HandBiting The Hands That Bleed YouAlbumCSR 2542018
C.3.3.Ballad Of Reading Gaol - The CacophoniettaAlbumCSR 25515 Jun 2018view icon
Mz. 412SvartmyrkrAlbumCSR 2578 Feb 2019view icon
The New BlockadersLive At Sonic CityAlbumCSR 26111 Mar 2019view icon
Z'EVHeart Beat Ear DrumDocumentary FilmCSR 26231 Jan 2020view icon
Anni HoganLost In BlueAlbumCSR 2665 Apr 2019view icon
F.M. EinheitExhibition Of A DreamAlbumCSR 26726 Feb 2021view icon
KollapsMechanical ChristAlbumCSR 2693 May 2019view icon
Common Eider, King EiderÉgrégoreAlbumCSR 27114 Jun 2019view icon
MINÓYIn Search Of TarkovskyAlbumCSR 27313 Mar 2020view icon
S.P.K.Zamia Lehmanni - Songs Of Byzantine FlowersAlbumCSR 27422 Nov 2019view icon
Coil(1)Stolen & Contaminated SongsAlbumCSR 27629 Nov 2019view icon
KhostBuried SteelAlbumCSR 27813 Mar 2020view icon
F.M. Einheit / Andreas AmmerHammerschlagAlbumCSR 28115 May 2020view icon
Controlled Death / Rudolf Eb.erDeath CeremoniesAlbumCSR 2837 Aug 2020view icon
MothraDoom EngineAlbumCSR 28421 Aug 2020view icon
Coil(1)A Guide For Beginners - The Voice Of Silver / A Guide For Finishers - A Hair Of GoldAlbumCSR 28823 Oct 2020view icon
JagathDevalayaAlbumCSR 2904 Dec 2020view icon
IncapacitantsA Child Who Watched The Sky And So OnSingleCSR12S 01Jul 2012view icon
Sutcliffe JugendWoe BetideSingleCSR12S 02Aug 2012view icon
NadjaUneasy And Confin’dSingleCSR12S 03Sep 2012view icon
NordvargrSirius CarmanorSingleCSR12S 04Oct 2012view icon
Psychic TVPirate TapeSingleCSR12S 05Nov 2012view icon
TenHornedBeastInverted Starless AlbionSingleCSR12S 06Jan 2013view icon
Iron Fist Of The SunSulphur BloodlinesSingleCSR12S 07Feb 2013view icon
SkullflowerWhite WolfSingleCSR12S 08May 2013view icon
Various ArtistsINRIAlbumCSRCS 0011988view icon
Thee Angels Of LightUntitledAlbumCSRCS 0021988view icon
Various ArtistsShoot And CrucifyAlbumCSRCS 0031988view icon
Grey WolvesChaos Ov CreationAlbumCSRCS 0041989view icon
Art Montage TerrorismMotivate HallucinateAlbumCSRCS 0051989view icon
Gysin / Burroughs / P-OrridgeInterviews & ReadingsAlbumCSRCS 0061989view icon
Eden155Fear Realized / Fear ReleasedAlbumCSRCS 0071989view icon
M. NomizedSample 4AlbumCSRCS 0081989view icon
ContextChanged Music 2AlbumCSRCS 0091989view icon

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